About Our Affiliates

About Our Affiliates

Introduction Affiliates, Here are Koryo Pyrotechnics' Affiliates.
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Established in 1982, Wooyang Fisheries Co., Ltd. as a large powered purse seine fishery Wooyang Fisheries has acquired inshore fishes with large ships’ net, and has consigned fishes to Busan Fisheries Market. Wooyang Fisheries has ranked the first in the catch of fishes for consecutive 3 years because of the constant ship and equipment’s modernization. It achieved 8~10% of total catch of green fishes such as mackerel and sardine. Wooyang Fisheries has taken the lead in the growth and development of domestic large powered purse seine fishery.

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Wooyang Cold Storage Co., Ltd. was established by an acquisition of Hankuk Cold Storage’s Busan Factory in 2002. Wooyang Cold Storage has engaged in the cold storage and ice-manufacturing business. It has 21,900 tons freezing ability, 5,000 tons refrigerating ability, and 14,400 tons ice-manufacturing ability. As one of the business diversification, Wooyang Cold Storage has been planning the bonded warehouse business’s permission acquisition and distribution market.

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Wooyang Industrial Development

Gyeongju is a 2-hour journey from Seoul to Singyeongju KTX station, which is a 30-minute drive away. Our hotel is located 20 minutes away by bus to Gyeongju downtown, linking guests to all of Gyeongju’s tourism sites. Incheon, Gimhae and Daegu International Airports are close by as well.

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Wooyang Networks.Co., Ltd.

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